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It is a combination of passion and healthy frustration sparked by a growing list ofidentified opportunities. Across the globe, international organizations, governments, businesses, and non-profits have committed to advancing gender equality. But, the glacial pace of change shows that we have yet to find a narrative that resonates with a larger population, and build our collective skills to respond to issues in a gender-sensitive way.


When case managers, developers, law enforcement agents, board directors, city planners, HR specialists, analysts, and transportation planners know why gender equality matters in their work, we will see an improvement in the way our organizations function. By focusing on design and management, we strive to broaden perceptions and provide an alternative way to advance gender equality.



As a highly qualified advocate for gender equality, Caroline Torén has developed policies and programs designed to generate a ripple of social impact through systems change. Her focus on gender-responsive design and project management provides an effective way to respond to problems and seize opportunities to increase impact and create value. 


During her 8+ years of experience within the federal and local government in Sweden and the United States, Caroline has developed policies and strategies to advance gender equality in the areas of:

  • Crisis Management and Peacebuilding 

  • International Development Cooperation

  • Public Transportation

  • Workforce Development and

  • Housing & Community Services.

From her first employment at the Swedish Defense Department to her work with the Los Angeles City Commission on the Status of Women, Caroline has acquired knowledge  and experience to help the growth and evolution of both your organization and community. In delivering services, Caroline draws upon a pool of highly skilled consultants. Get in touch at



Maia Ferdman is a facilitator, educator, and community-builder with a specialty in intergroup relations and program management. She is the Program Manager for the UCLA Luskin Center for History and Policy, a center dedicated to elevating the role of history in policymaking, and for the Abrahamic House, an organization dedicated to fighting hatred by bringing together Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Baha'i young adults to live together under one roof and plan interfaith programs. In her prior role as Human Relations Advocate for the City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission, Maia pursued intergroup peace-building through intentionally designed community engagement initiatives, dialogue programs, and policy reporting. She holds a B.A. in Global Studies and an M.A. in Latin American Studies from UCLA. A native San Diegan, Maia has lived in India, Israel, and Bulgaria, and LA, and her family hails from Argentina.

Chanel Smith has had a long career in the field of interpersonal violence. She is currently the Director of Domestic Violence and Vulnerable Population Policy at Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office of Public Safety. Chanel is also an acting Commissioner on the City of Long Beach’s Human Relations Commission.  She has worked directly with adult and child survivors of both domestic and sexual violence and has managed numerous programs that include shelter-based services as well as provided local, national & international training to other professionals on responses to interpersonal violence.  Chanel developed an anti-violence curriculum that can be applied to all ages, as well as policies that aim to address the intersection of domestic violence, homelessness, and racial & gender equity. She is dedicated to doing her part to ensure that both domestically and abroad safety is viewed as a basic right for all people.

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Erin Brown is a former city planner turned international and economic development consultant based in Los Angeles. She has experience across four continents, including working with a startup in Europe, the World Bank in Asia and the Pacific, and several domestic based nonprofits with local and global missions. She has significant experience in business operations and strategy as well as implementing and evaluating projects focused on poverty alleviation, social justice, community-driven development, and female empowerment. Erin holds a M.S. in International and Development Economics from the University of San Francisco and a B.S. in Economics from the University of South Dakota.

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