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Refolda helps you unlock the competitive advantages of gender equality and achieve greater impact.

Gender equality is key to enhance organizational productivity, impact, profitability, and resilience. Women play an essential role in local and global value chains - as executives, consumers, business owners, retail workers, and raw material producers. By advancing gender equality, your organization can create new business opportunities and increase your outcomes.  

Gender equality is not

just a goal; it is a working method and competitive advantage. 

Is it me, or is it cold in here?

It’s not you, it’s the formula. On average office buildings are 9°F/5°C too cold for women. Yes! Men and women have different thermostats and by not recognizing this issue, women’s health and productivity is compromised. The formula guiding office temperatures was developed in the 1960s and is based on the metabolic rate of a 40-year-old, 150lbs/70kg male. 

No, Alexa...

Research shows that Google's speech-recognition software is 70% more likely to recognize a man's voice than a woman's. But why is that? Most voice recognition software is trained on large datasets of male voices, which means that they often fail to respond to women who are paying the same price for an inferior product. In cars, smart devices are supposed to reduce distractions and make driving safer but that might not be the case for those who can't be heard.

Hitting where it hurts.

Globally, women are responsible for 75% of the unpaid household and care work., and they rely more on public services to meet their basic needs. When a recession hits, women are among the first to feel it due to the government cutbacks that are set in motion to save money. Cutting public services, including access to healthcare, childcare, and sanitation, affect women disproportionately and force them to take on more unpaid work.


 Consultancy services and workshops

on how to apply a gender lens to

the design and implementation

of your organization's policies, programs,  and services.


  To advance gender equality within your company and through your operations, increase profits, and reach larger audiences.


  Any organization that wants 

to achieve greater impact for

the benefit of everyone, including

government agencies, non-profits,

and businesses.


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