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Gender Mainstreaming is a process used by the United Nations, the World Bank, governments, non-profits, and other organizations around the world to advance gender equality, achieve cost-efficiency, maximize impact, and increase employee satisfaction.

We help you succeed by integrating the gender mainstreaming process into your operations, including the design and implementation of your policies, programs, and services.

In addition to our Consultancy Services, we offer tailored Gender Mainstreaming Workshops that are designed to build your staff’s capacity to apply a gender lens to their respective field of work. Through interactive sessions, team members will learn:

•  Individual, organizational, and societal benefits with gender equality.

•  Consequences of gender-blind design and management.

•  How to develop gender-responsive analyses, strategies, and action plans.

•  How to implement gender-responsive monitoring, evaluation, and                    reporting processes.


Your team members will gain tangible insights and skills to bring back to the workplace by engaging in meaningful discussions, case studies, and reviews of current strategies.


We tailor our workshop to your needs. 


When Karlskoga, Sweden, changed how it provided road maintenance services during the winter, it prevented pedestrians a majority of which are women –

from injuries and saved money. 

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We mainstream a gender equality perspective into

policies, programs, and services. 


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