creating greater impact through gender equality

Refolda’s goal is to unlock the competitive advantages of inclusive, gender-responsive, and needs-based design to achieve greater outcomes for our partners and the people they serve. Services include: 

  • Gender impact assessments

  • Program and service design and development

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Strategic planning 

  • Policy research and development

  • Gender-responsive budgeting

  • Project management

  • Adding a gender lens to communications and community outreach 

  • Capacity-building workshops


Through capacity-building workshops, we train organizations and individuals on how to apply a gender lens to their respective field of work. In an interactive session, team members learn about:

•  Individual, organizational, and societal benefits of gender equality.

•  Consequences of gender-blind design and management.

•  How to develop gender-responsive analysis, strategies, and action plans.

•  How to implement gender-responsive monitoring, evaluation, and                    reporting processes.


Workshop are tailored to the organization's specific needs and provide team members tangible insights and skills - all of which can be brought back to the workplace.


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